Monday, April 5, 2010

The Price of Beauty

I have discovered a new staple to my week and that is to watch Jessica Simpson's show: The Price of Beauty.
To hear what it's all about, follow this link:

Jessica is someone I admire SO much! I love this girl and feel she is a shining example of beauty inside and out. I was fortunate enough to meet her in 2008 which was the start of her roughest time, I only wish I could meet her again to tell her how strong I think she is and how much I admire her for what she has overcome.


I know it's been a and work are kicking my butt and making me busier than I have ever been!
I have been learning SO much and wanted to share a beauty tip with you...
As soon as you get out of the shower you have exactly 3 minutes for your skin to penetrate the moisturizer you put on top of it most so hurry, hurry, hurry and dry off once you are out of the shower so that you can quickly apply: eye cream, facial lotion, and body lotion-in that order!