Monday, January 18, 2010

Get Organized

Part of living a beautiful life is being organized and what better time than the beginning of the year?

1.) Start Organizing

2.) Divide & Conquer

3.) Reduce & Re-use

4.) Utilize Space

Here are some websites to help...

Organizing your LIFE in general:
This is my friend's blog which you will be hearing more about as I post more.

Storage and basic organization tips (along with some really cute ideas!):

Get organized with simple monthly meal planning:
Such a cute system that some busy moms came up with!

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  1. Great Job on your blog!! Way to go girl!!

  2. Great tips! I put your logo on my blog, so hopefully it will give you some traffic.

  3. Great tips, and thanks for posting some links, I love finding new website! I have the Perfect Pocket Meal Planning system and I really like it, so easy to use! Now if only I could get up the energy and desire to cook!