Friday, February 12, 2010


The surgery went well but to be honest, I thought it would be easier!
It was short but nerve-racking!
There was a moment when I couldn't see a thing even though my eyes were open.
I compared the whole experience to my husband as getting don't like it as it is happening because it is painful but the end result is worth it!
The medication they gave to me beforehand made me loopy, more-so once the surgery was over.
I was in a lot more pain than I thought I would be after the surgery so I took the novacain I was given.
I fell asleep to a sleeping pill and woke up with a headache so I took another novacaine and then fell back asleep. I was pretty out of it the rest of the day.
Now I'm off to take another sleeping pill!
The best thing in the world is that I have 20/20 vision and it is only going to get better from here!

Note: To spare you the gruesome images of my surgery I decided to just post this picture I found from google images!

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  1. Britt, I'm so sorry it hurt! And I do hate the loopiness. I agree though that the scariest part is that moment when you don't see anything. I'm sorry if I didn't mention that part, I really thought I had. But YEAH for 20/20 vision. No more contacts or glasses for us til were at least fifty right?!:)